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We have a menu of staples from the Southern & barbeque cuisine that you'll always be able to get from Blu Rice Inc. In addition to those, we offer a variety of new, temporary and experimental meals, changing from day to day. We cater to your needs so you can just sitback and enjoy.

Find us to see exactly what's on our menus.

Catering Expertise

Blu Rice Barbeque Catering Menu

Please see our payment options, delivery fees and office hours for bookings. Catering Contact also available.

Personalized Private Catering. It doesn’t matter if you have five people or 5,000 – we’ll cater your event anytime, anywhere in Hawaii. Just let us know what you would like, and we’ll make it happen!

We will consult with you and discuss your special event and budget then together we will come up with a customized menu just for you.  Prices are determined by menu and number of guests. Once a menu is discussed and selected, We price/cost that out by obtaining current ingredient prices, quantity of food needed and can then determine a exact price. 30% gratuity upfront for all events once your customized menu has been sourced and priced out.

Catering Rates:

5×4 = $350.00 + cost of groceries (cog’s)  (5 meals; 4 servings each, 20 portions total)

4×4 = $280.00 + cog’s   (4 meals; 4 servings each; 16 portions total)

3×4 = $240.00 + cog’s   (3 meals; 4 servings each; 12 portions total)

2×4 = $200.00 + cog’s   (2 meals; 4 servings each; 8 portions total)

1×4 = $160.00 = cog’s    (1 meal; 4 servings each, 4 portions total)

Over 4 servings (5+) can be prepared for an additional charge.  Portion sizes are comfortable to generous and together, we can determine which service would best suit you and your family. 

Specialty diets (Keto, Whole 30, Organic, etc) may also have an additional charge.

Additional "At Cost Display Boards" $175 Full Board (feeds up to 50+ guests)FRUIT, CHEESE & CHARCUTERIE Seasonal Fresh Fruits & Berries, International & Domestic Cheese Selection, Cured Meats, Nuts, Olives, Big Island Honey, French Baguette, Lavosh

“Terrines” -May be available. Ingredients are subject to season and preparation for timing of event.  

ISLAND SPREAD Cheese Spreads, Varieties Of Homemade Hummus, Grilled Vegan and traditional Breads, Seasonal Dips and Medleys.



Blu Rice Breakfast Plate

Breakfast and Brunch Catering




Austrailan Egg, hickory smoked Porteguese Sausage and Asian inspired fried rice

Sweet Potato, spam, artichoke heart & sun-dried tomato frittata

Our version of a Hawaiian Style frittata

Hawaiian Scrambled on Buttered Ciabatta

Fluffy scrambled eggs with cheese, ham,pineapple and tomatoes

Egg & Portugese tacos

Scrambled eggs, mozzarella cheese & spicy tomatillo

On the Go Lunch!!! It’s one of those days, and you need prepped lunches today!!! No problem! You can have any of our sandwiches, salads, or wraps along with fresh fruit or ambrosia, homemade tortilla chips for only $11.99

Oahu Bag Lunch Selections Choose any sandwich or salad with any two homemade side items for only $11.99.

Six (6) guest minimum order. We kindly request a 72hr/three (3) day notice to fill this order request. 


Sandwiches & Wraps    

Deidra's Rueben Sandwich – Blu Rice barbeque corn-beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut with hickory smoked thousand island dressing on black honey rye bread

Smoked Beef brisket – Blu Rice smoked beef brisket , honey habanero horseradish, caramelized onions & Brie cheese on a homemade roll

 Roasted Turkey BLT – Sliced turkey, bacon, lettuce, & tomato with pesto mayonnaise on wheat bread,multigrain or wrap

Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Wrap – Huli Huli chicken, tangy island slaw, & Hawaiian BBQ sauce on a taro wrap

 Traditional Chilled Salads – Chicken, tuna or egg salad with lettuce & tomato on a wheat bread or wrap

 Italian Vegetable – Thin-sliced tomatoes, baby greens, sundried tomato basil aioli, & shredded mozzarella on focaccia

  *** All sandwiches can be served as a wrap or on gluten-free bread ***

Gluten-free desserts are available!


 Quinoa, Cranberry, & Apple Salad – Red quinoa, dried cranberries, & diced apples served over baby greens with balsamic vinaigrette 

Power Kale Salad – Shredded fresh kale, mandarin oranges, broccoli slaw, red onions, & toasted almonds with a golden beet oregano vinaigrette 

Roasted Corn Salad – Fire-roasted corn, roasted red peppers, & shredded Pepperjack over chopped romaine with spicy tomato mango vinaigrette 

Fresh Island Salad – Cucumbers, veggie slaw, & grape tomatoes over baby greens with your choice of dressing  

*** Add grilled chicken to your salad for only $2.50 *** Add barbeque chicken to your salad for only $3 ***